"Love and Ajo" Campaign ~ Aminata Elijah Jordan

We asked a few friends and past Customers for stories of essential workers they would like to highlight during this pandemic.  We decided to send a free gift of Ajo to 10 of them. 


Located across the U.S., their experiences mirror the narratives of many essential workers were in the front-line of the pandemic, working in their respective fields to meet the immediate needs of their communities.

Through our gifts of Ajo, we want to show 'Ajo' (Gratitude) and say "Kushe" (Well Done!) for their amazing efforts leading teams, saving lives, softening hearts, adding smiles, going home and returning back into the field each morning to do it all over again.  

We appreciate you!  


Here is 1 of our ten giveaway recipients.


Aminata Elijah Jordan

Crescent Cities Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Aminata has spent most of her life in the healthcare industry.  When Covid hit, she was more than prepared and the results she was able to accomplish at Crescent Cities Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Maryland, were proof of the journey she took to get here. Starting in her early teenage years, she would accompany her Mother, a Nurse, to work where she would play violin for the residents.  Her passion led her to study Health Administration at an all Women's College, graduating at such a young age that she had to wait before being able to take the Federal exam in 2008 due to her age.  She started managing her first building in 2011.  She served as an Administrator at Genesis for 8 years, and at one point it took her 3 months to turnaround a building that was in such decline it was left to fail.  In those 3 months, she closed the books with 1.4 million over budget and earned herself Financial Administrator of the year.  

A Mother of a ten and six year old did was added motivation for her to apply all she could into her management of Crescent during the pandemic, ensuring that not only she would return home safe and well, but as many patients and staff as she could help to do the same.

In March 2020, they received directives from the Department of Health alerting them of protocols to follow to deal with the pandemic.  By early April they had encountered their first patient and by April 5th, the first death, leading to a full lock-down right after.  April witnessed a distressing number of deaths at Crescent and its sister nursing facilities.  Several residents and 1 staff member lost their lives to the corona virus.  Fortunately, a strong plan was set in place and with strong leadership from Aminata and her team, they were able to recover quickly.  2 Covid wings were developed at the center, everyone received immune boosters.  Not long after, Crescent was one of the first in the State to get an all clear to open.  The nursing facility endured one of the lowest mortality and lowest incident rates in Prince George's County, Maryland.  Their program was so successful, it was suggested to be replicated across other nursing facilities in the region.

In her mid-30s, she has experienced a remarkable journey of leadership and care, that will prepare her for the road ahead.  Confronting a pandemic and getting past it, leaves so much to learn from and be inspired by.