"Love & Ajo" Campaign ~ Nurse, Beatrice Acy Harris

We asked a few friends and past Customers for stories of essential workers they would like to highlight during this pandemic.  We decided to send a free gift of Ajo to 10 of them. 

Located across the U.S., their experiences mirror the narratives of many essential workers were in the front-line of the pandemic, working in their respective fields to meet the immediate needs of their communities.

Through our gifts of Ajo, we want to show 'Ajo' (Gratitude) and say "Kushe" (Well Done!) for their amazing efforts leading teams, saving lives, softening hearts, adding smiles, going home and returning back into the field each morning to do it all over again.  

We appreciate you!  


Here is 1 of our ten giveaway recipients.



Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (Maryland)

Acy Harris, a Sierra Leonean residing in Maryland has worked in the healthcare industry in the U.S. for many years.  Her dedication was captured on the front cover of Life Line, Walter Reed's newsletter featuring a story about Nurses working in the front-line.  For many healthcare workers, caring for the sick becomes a duty one carries always, especially in a pandemic.  Walter Reed is the largest joint military medical center in the nation.