Basket of Face-masks Donated to Vickie Remoe and Rahima Vandy Kargbo

Last week we stopped by the offices of Vickie Remoe (C19-Dignity Project) and Rahima Vandy Kargbo (272 Foundation) to show a little ajo their way.  Both Women are setting examples on how nationals can take on national issues and doing their part to impact change.

Sierra Leone is one of the hardest hit countries in West Africa with over 1,300 cases and several deaths.  Prior to the pandemic, the country had been facing a health care crisis with poorly equipped healthcare facilities and under-trained staff across the country.  While a Government Task Force was put in place to confront the pandemic, much more needed to be done to tackle massive shortages in the healthcare sector.

Vickie and her team at C19-Dignity Project stepped in and tackled the issue head on.  The C19-Dignity Project mobilized Sierra Leonean nationals at home and in the Diaspora and in just a few months was able to raise over $60,000.  With unprecedented transparency, badly needed health equipment and funds were donated to healthcare facilities across the country. 

Individuals, organizations, and the Sierra Leone community rallied around a cause that was locally generated and community-led, doing the best they could at a critical time when such efforts were needed.

Rahima runs a popular blog in Sierra Leone, DaSalone-Titi and a charity organization 272 Foundation which serves schools, with donations of books to students across the country.  To-date her organization has donated books to 6 schools.

Across the globe, people have been experiencing unprecedented times, having to make adjustments to accommodate the impact of the 2020 pandemic.  A little ajo goes a long way to those who in their own way, have stepped in front of the crowd to provide services without expecting anything in return.  Their goodwill leaves an imprint of gratitude in the lives they change.  We appreciate their efforts.

Visit the C19-Dignity to learn about their work

Visit Rahima's blog to learn about her work.