Face-masks Donated to the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender, & Children Affairs - Sierra Leone

Earlier this week, we stopped by the Sierra Leone Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender, & Children Affairs, with a basket of face-masks presented to Hon. Manti Tarawally.

We try to stay updated with issues affecting communities where our business operates and Sierra Leone, which houses part of our production team, continue to experience challenges in gender and children's affairs. 

There are many public officials and private citizens across the country actively working tirelessly to improve conditions for women and children in Sierra Leone, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

To all the Advocates, Public Officials, and Private Citizens, we share your concerns and hope for gender equality, protection of the rights of children and a socially healthy community soon.

There is a broad collective partnership of Women groups across the country facilitating a 'Survivors Solidarity Fund', established recently by some of Sierra Leone's most avid proponents of gender equality. 

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