Basket of Face-masks Donated to Freetown's Big Market Traders

Last week we stopped by Freetown's historic Big Market to drop off a basket of face masks to the awesome Traders there.

Big Market, which was built in the 1860s by an Afro-West Indian Builder stands as one of the most popular tourist hot-spots in the city.  

It is also likely the central hub for Artisans in Freetown who utilize the building as a shopping mall for some of the country's most creative artwork.

The ingenuity of local artists is stunning, especially considering how widespread skilled craftsmanship in the arts and crafts is to Sierra Leone and other countries in Africa.

Throughout the pandemic, these talented and dedicated Artisans went diligently to their shops each day, exhibiting their crafts and hoping for a sale.  

Arts and culture are the bedrock of a nation and we share ajo to all the gifted local Artisans around.  We share your resilience.